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Janitorial Supplies in Columbia, SC

Smith & Jones Janitorial Supplies and Equipment was established in 1971. We are centrally located in West Columbia, SC and our primary market is the state of South Carolina. Our company works both through direct sales and distribution of key janitorial supplies and cleaning products. Through our distribution network, we cover every point of South Carolina.

When it comes to cleaning products, no one can beat the prices and selection at Smith & Jones. Cleaning products are an essential part of keeping your business well maintained. We carry everything from hand sanitizers, industrial cleaners, bowl cleaner etc. We also have green cleaning products that include cleaning supplies that are environmentally friendly. When you are in the Columbia, SC area looking for a company that provides hand sanitizers, floor finishes and other janitorial supplies, rely on Smith & Jones Janitorial Supplies and Equipment.

Whether you have a retail store that requires floor finishes to keep your floors shining or a doctor's office that uses hand sanitizers to reduce the spread of germs, we have the inventory in stock to meet your needs. Our floor finishes will leave your floor looking brand new! Call us today when you need floor finishes! 

Our trucks make deliveries to all parts of the state. We employ direct sales representatives that work both with end-users and with distribution partners.

Our company sells a complete line of cleaning chemicals and equipment including:

  • TRR bowl cleaner
  • Floor equipment
  • Floor finishes
  • Industrial Supplies
  • Floor care products
  • Hand soaps
  • Disinfectants
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Janitorial supplies
  • Paper products

We believe that the most important part of what we offer is the support and training we provide after the sale. We hold that if we are able to be successful, our customers must properly use the products they purchase.

We carry a selection of green cleaning products!

A "Green Program" is more than just purchasing a green chemical. To go green means making a commitment to reduce what goes into the environment. Source reduction is vital for the success of a "Green Program." That is why we train your people to maximize the chemical usage and recycle these items for your convenience and help to reduce the amount of waste that goes into our water systems and landfills.

We use both classroom and hands-on training to ensure the correct use of all chemicals and floor equipment in the Columbia, SC area. Our motto is "Products that are safe for people, property and environment."

Remember, when you are in the Columbia, SC area looking for janitorial supplies, you can rely on Smith & Jones Janitorial Supplies and Equipment. We have hand sanitizer, floor finishes and so much more! Call us today!

Products & Services

At Smith & Jones we carry a complete line of janitorial supplies and paper products. From chemical products to odor control substances, a variety of skin care and personal hygiene, paper tissue and dispensers, mops, brooms and brushes. Floor and carpet care, facility maintenance and safety. Storage and material handling, waste receptacles, bags and car liners to laundry and food service. We are your single source for janitorial supplies and cleaning products.

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Smith & Jones Janitorial Supplies & Equipment

Get a new floor today:
Thu Jan 19 11:39:00 EST 2017

Call our professionals to schedule our reliable floor finishing service.

Floor care products:
Thu Jan 05 11:41:00 EST 2017

Our eco-friendly floor care products include mops, brooms, brushes, and more. Call us today for prompt delivery.

Quality supplies:
Fri Dec 23 15:29:00 EST 2016

Keep your office looking spotless with our top-notch janitorial supplies. Call us to learn more.

Best products:
Fri Dec 09 10:55:00 EST 2016

Looking for top-notch janitorial supplies? Contact us today.

Janitorial supplies:
Fri Nov 25 11:54:00 EST 2016

We provide high-quality cleaning supplies that ensure a deep clean, but that's not all. We have odor control products, as well! Call us today.

Contact us today:
Fri Nov 11 11:58:00 EST 2016

Keep your home and workplace clean with our top-notch cleaning supplies. 

Go Green!
Fri Oct 28 06:38:00 EDT 2016

We carry a wide selection of environment-friendly cleaning products for your industrial cleaning needs. Give us a call today. 

Stay Clean:
Mon Oct 03 16:35:01 EDT 2016

We provide cleaning supplies and paper products for your home and business needs. Stay clean and environmentally conscious with our green cleaning products!

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Established: 1972

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